Some Post-Election Thoughts

I’m so tired of these obstructionists keeping us from moving forward. We get it Mitch McConnell and you Tea Baggers, you’d rather try and make the President look bad instead of fixing our country. McConnell had the audacity to say the President needs to meet them half-way on what they want! He did nothing but that for the last four years trying to do what was best for America and to appear centrist for re-election. Well guess what, he has no reason to hold anything back now. Now’s the time for you to fear him. McConnell promised four years ago they wouldn’t pass anything so Obama wouldn’t get another term…well he did. And your Tea Baggin’ buddies lost a lot of power too. The people of this country are sick of you. If these young people and minorites show up for mid-term elections in two years, you’re in even more trouble. IF that happens, you’ll see a true mandate (not some fake one you claim was two years long and in reality was 72 days of a filibuster-proof majority). Kudos to Mitt Romney for promoting unity in his concession speech. I know he usually tells people what they want to hear but don’t think that’s what the Republicans wanted there, but he has nothing to run for now. He already sold his soul John McCain-style just to get the party’s nomination. So to all the racist homophobes who (incorrectly) fear the government is coming for them, pick your feet up or get out of the way. America is moving on with or without you.

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